Oligo Form

Use this form to quickly generate specific oligos for cloning gRNA targets into a variety of expression vectors. Enter up to 12 grID or N20NGG sequences to output oligo sequences, as well as FASTA or Genbank formated plasmid files for each construct.

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gRNA Cloning Protocols

Optimized protocols for cloning gRNAs into common expression plasmids. H1 promoter and the U6 promoter are availabe for standard cell culture work. T7, T3 and SP6 protocols are available for in vitro transcription of gRNAs.

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Transfection Protocols

General transfection protocol for CRISPR in human or mouse cell lines.

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in vitro Transcription Protocols

Optimized protocols for transcribing gRNAs in vitro using either standard or modified ribonucleotides.

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Surveyor/T7 Endo I Assay

Protocols to determine CRISPR targeting efficiency by standard mismatch assays

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Quickly determine %NHEJ or %HDR from experimental data using this calculator.

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Sequences and maps for gRNA expression plasmids.

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UCSC Genome Browser

Click here to visualize CRISPR targeting sites on the UCSC Gemone Browser. Links available for multiple genomes.

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File Downloads

Click here to download data. Files available in various formats including FASTA, BED, and BigBed. Note: Files are compressed, but the data files are large.

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